Undergraduate Programs

health sciences students

A rewarding career in health sciences begins here.

At the College of Charleston, you’ll receive a foundational education in a broad range of subjects that will prepare you to work in a global marketAs the focus on health and wellness increases globally, you’ll learn to prioritize access to equitable, sustainable and high-quality health and wellness services in your local community, the U.S. and across the world.

In the School of Health Sciences, you’ll dig deep into your specific area of study. You’ll find opportunities to study abroad, conduct undergraduate research, develop skills through hands-on learning experiences and complete internships.

Explore our programs: 

*Beginning the 2023-24 academic year, the Physical Education Teacher Education program will no longer be available to incoming students (freshman and transfers). The program will undergo a teach out so that all currently declared students have an opportunity to complete their major requirements based on their academic advising plan.

As part of a university dedicated to experiential learning, our faculty help students make connections beyond the classroom. These outstanding opportunities enhance the knowledge gained in our diverse course offerings.

Students in the School of Health Sciences participate in paid immersive research experiences through the Summer Undergraduate Research with Faculty (SURF) grant program. Examples of these research projects include:

  • Effect of Storage Temperature and Time on Urine Electrolyte Assessment
  • Lower Extremity Jump-Landing Biomechanics After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction with Quadriceps Tendon vs. Patellar Tendon Autographs
  • Encountering Overdose: An Analysis of College Students’ Overdose Experiences
  • Data Visualization: From Covid-19 to Back on the Bricks