Physical Activity & Lifetime Movement (PALM) Program Activity Courses

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Enrich your student experience while developing the skills you need to pursue a lifetime of physical fitness. You'll also earn two hours of credit when you successfully complete the class. Oh, and did we mention these courses are for everyone, not just students in the School of Health Sciences. 

The Physical Activity & Lifetime Movement Courses (PALM Program) offer you the opportunity to choose from more than 30 courses in three categories: 

  • personal fitness
  • individual and team sports
  • lifestyle activities 

Maybe you'll take advantage of the coastal location and try surfing, kayaking, sailing or stand-up paddleboarding. Or, maybe you'll stay on land and try yoga, aerobics or pilates. 

Each unique course provides you with the opportunity to enrich your foundational knowledge in wellness. The main focus of each course is movement, but you'll also learn the history, rules and principles of the activity so you can develop a greater understanding. In addition to having fun, each course addresses the psychomotor, cognitive and affective domain. 

Your instructor is passionate about their discipline because they've put in the hard work. You'll find instructors such as:

  • A Former National Paddlesport Instructor of the Year
  • Division I Coaches 
  • Nationally Licensed Teachers 
  • Former Collegiate Athletes 
  • Competitors at the National and International Levels

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